Watching Watches Worldwide

If you take a survey and ask people what nation they most identity with watches, you can bet your life savings that the most frequent answer will be Switzerland. It’s true that Swiss companies make an enormous number of high end watches. However, in reality, great watches hail from very many places. That’s why Gideon’s Fine Jewelry makes a point of offering a wide array of watches that may not always come from the country known for very sharp tasting cheese, delicious chocolate and stunning Alps.

Of course, many watches really are Swiss and some even might say so in their name, Victorinox Swiss Army being one particularly outstanding example. Other watches might be made in Switzerland but be owned elsewhere. The fine timepieces for women, Michele watches, are an excellent case in point being made in Switzerland but based out of Miami, Florida. Then there are watches that are created in other countries entirely. Tutima makes outstanding watches offered by Gideon’s Fine Jewelry and is actually from neighboring Germany. True to its nature as a youthful lifestyle brand associated with action sports, Nixon is based about as far as possible from the famously orderly nation of Switzerland – the legendarily freewheeling town of Berkeley, California, aka “Bezerkley.”

Yes, while many watches may be of “Swiss quality,” the nation of Switzerland does not hold a worldwide patent on the idea of high quality watches. As one of the leading retailers of fine watches in Southern California, Gideon’s Fine Jewelry does its best to provide a selection that features as many of the best watches available anywhere in the world, regardless of their country of origin. After all, time knows no nation.