Watch Seller

The marketplace for Swiss made watches is huge and can be hard to navigate. However, Gideon's Fine Jewelry, based out of Los Angeles, is an incredibly knowledgeable authorized dealer of the most elite watch brands. From Tutima to Michele to Montblanc to Oris watches and other brands, Gideon's Fine Jewelry has the luxury wares to satisfy any customer. For decades, this company has not only been selling these fine watches, they're also authorized to sell top-notch jewelry brands from companies like Hidalgo, Raquelle Bianco, Hadley Roma, Scott Kay, Christian Bauer, and plenty more.

Why choose Gideon's Fine Jewelry over another watch seller? Firstly, many other watch retailers might not be able to back up their certifications. This lack of verification means they could be vending inferior products that aren't recognized by the parent brand. Sometimes this could be refurbished used products or even knock-offs; you truly want to go to an authorized dealer like Gideon's Fine Jewelry to bypass fretting about those concerns.

Plus, you should opt for a watch seller that has capable maintenance services. Whether it is a regular polishing or fixing a band, Gideon's Fine Jewelry can do it all both through personal visits to the store or through mail-in requests. Gideon's Fine Jewelry acts in compliance with all applicable international manufacturer warranties and even provides its own.

Finally, Gideon's Fine Jewelry has a sterling reputation that any other watch seller frankly doesn't have. You can peruse several glowing testimonials over at as well as look through our glamorous inventory. If you have any questions or want pricing details, please call Gideon's Fine Jewelry at 818-347-3377.