Tutima Di 300

Tutima Watches bring with them a 70-year tradition of incredible chronograph watches that have bested even their Swiss neighbors for decades. Mixing cutting-edge technology with timeless craftsmanship, Tutima watches available through Gideon’s Fine Jewelry represent a one-of-a-kind time keeping experience.

The legendary brand is perhaps exemplified no better than through the Tutima Di 300. Featuring an eye-catching orange, yellow, blue or black dial, each model of the Tutima Di 300 presents a broad statement of commanding style and the sort of fierce individuality that has made Tutima such a remarkable leader in watchmaking.

For our professional clients, the Tutima FX often signifies the clear choice for stately, function-first time-keeping. There is no arguing the simple perfection of stainless steel casing, clear black or white dial face, and secure leather straps that define one of our most trusted watch brands. Many models even feature transparent backing, allowing the wearer to show off the breathtakingly meticulous clockwork of a Tutima time piece.

While expert craftsmanship has made Tutima reliable, it is the unmistakable artistic signature of the brand that has made Tutima a legend in timekeeping, and the assertive colors of its Tutima Di 300 models perfectly embody that mentality. In orange, yellow, black and blue, each dial face offers a distinct flair that also serves as a clear indication of how Tutima has come to symbolize quality, sophistication and style.

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