Treasure Rings

When you’re shopping for someone genuinely special to you, finding just the right gift that really expresses your unique, personal feelings can seem like an impossible task. Treasure Rings aregorgeous rings that are customized by an engraved, private and hidden message that is revealed when a special latch is opened. Gideon’s Fine Jewelry is proud to feature this outstanding product from Takohl Design Ltd.

The message in a Takohl Treasure Ring can be anything – an intimate message of love or friendship, or your personal method of commemorating the important milestone, such as the name of a newborn infant. The rings also conceal the precious or semi-precious stone of your choosing and are available in a wide array of sizes and styles. Because they are so customizable, Treasure Rings are perfect for all kinds of people.

The beauty of a Treasure Ring is its intimacy. Your from-the-heart message stays near your special friend or loved one all the time, but in a way that keeps the message as private as it needs to be.

Takohl Treasure Rings are easy to purchase and customize. Just use the special ring Takohl Treasure Ring creator. Aside from the message, the creator walks you through a series of choices regarding such important aspects of the ring, creating pictures of what the final product will look right. It’s the perfect way to create just the right ring for just the right person.

Based in Woodland Hills, California, Gideon’s Fine Jewelry is delighted to include Treasure Rings as part of its outstanding selection of fine jewelry. For more information about these or any other of the high end offerings call us or visit our contact page.