The Montblanc Pens from Gideon's Fine Jewelry Represent Top Artistry

For decades, Gideon’s Fine Jewelry has been the premier location for beautiful jewelry from some of the finest designers in the world. It is worth noting, though, that Gideon’s Fine Jewelry also encompasses top quality functional items like stunning designer watches and an astonishing collection of Montblanc pens.

For nearly a century, Montblanc has been recognized as the leader in beautiful, functional and meticulously crafted writing utensils that are known throughout the globe. In 1927, at the height of the lavish “roaring twenties”, the Montblanc Meisterstück premiered, and unlike much of that era’s decadent style, it has since endured as a paragon to artistically functional design. So successful was the brand, they continued to astonish appreciators of fine tools with styles like their Montblanc Boheme and the state-of-the-art Montblanc Starwalker.

Montblanc boasts the delicate symmetry that is always expected from truly great works of art. Yet, when purchased at Gideon’s Fine Jewelry, you receive so much more. Every Montblanc pen we offer is backed by a 2-year guarantee, in which any problems with a pen can be handled by a genuine member of the Montblanc team. Once you use a Montblanc pen, you’ll likely never want to write with anything else, and with our tremendous, customer-centric service, you never have to!

If you have any questions regarding the Montblanc pens, or any other piece of jewelry from Gideon’s Fine Jewelry, contact us online or at our Woodland Hills location. We’re always dedicated to ensuring you have the best experience possible, so contact us today.