Swiss Army Watches

A watch serves many purposes. It has its practical use, but fashion-conscious individuals and watch enthusiasts alike know that a timepiece does more for the wearer than simply tell him the time of day. A watch can be a symbol of wealth or the finest every-day accessory. What’s more, the timepiece can reflect the owner’s personality. The customer can express himself with the Swiss Army watches available at Gideon’s Fine Jewelry. When the buyer chooses a Victorinox Swiss Army watch from the brand’s Active, Classic, or Professional category, he or she not only makes a fashion statement, but a personal statement about hobbies, interests, and preferences.

While there are many fine, sporty watches for gentlemen in the Professional and Active line, there are also plenty of Classic Swiss Army Watches for ladies. The sophisticated female with semi-delicate tastes can choose a lovely watch from the Classic Vivante collection, or, if she fancies diamonds, a diamond quartz watch from the Victoria collection may suit her sensibilities. There are numerous Victorinox Swiss Army watches in the Active and Professional lines for our athletic, on-the-go customers. In previewing the Swiss Army watches from Gideon’s fine Jewelry, the customer clearly sees that luxury watches can be quite masculine and functional. The ChronoPro, Dive Master, Alpnach, and AirBoss watches in the Professional line are often selected by customers that work hard and play hard.

As an authorized dealer, Gideon’s Fine Jewelry offers Swiss Army’s original warranty, along with a free one year extended warranty. To learn more about Swiss Army’s Active, Classic, and Professional watches available at Gideon’s Fine Jewelry, call us today at 877-992-3377