Swiss Army Watch Dive Master for the Active and Stylish Individual

In looking for a gentlemen’s Swiss Army watch from Gideon’s Fine Jewelry, the male customer surveying the watch retailer’s official website should view the Dive Master collection. Found within the Professional category of Victorinox Swiss Army watches, Dive Master is fashioned handsomely with distinctive designs. This Swiss Army collection features automatic watches, powered by the arm movements of its owner, as well as quartz movement watches. Victorinox Dive Master also includes unisex timepieces, so the female customer may also take advantage of these sturdy, sporty items.

The Swiss Army Dive Master watches are water-resistant, allowing the diver to descend 500 meters below surface. A double-locking safety clasp secures the timepiece to the wrist. The unique Dive Master details, such as the yellow and orange minute-hands on some of the dials, appeal to many watch-buyers who frequent Gideon’s Fine Jewelry. Like many of the watches for males from Swiss Army, the Dive Master collection bears a uniform look with slight variations in color and case materials. If the general look of the Dive Master appeals to the interested customer, the sales team at Gideon’s Fine Jewelry assists the customer in making his or her final selection. The team at Gideon’s Fine Jewelry helps the gentleman find a watch that will fit his personal style aesthetic, as well as his lifestyle. The Dive Master watches are perfect for athletic individuals who have a particular taste for water sports.

For more information on the Dive Master collection or other watches in the Swiss Army Professional category, contact Gideon’s Fine Jewelry today at 1-877-992-3377.