Raymond Weil Watches

When you think of elegance, style, and the finest in Swiss quality, the staff of Gideon’s Fine Jewelry suggests that you think of Raymond Weil Watches. Although the brand was founded by Mr. Weil during the 1990s, these watches are an important part of the centuries’ long tradition that has made the Swiss synonymous with quality, reliability, elegance, and beauty when it comes to timepieces.

Whether you select from the Raymond Weil Freelancer line, the Raymond Weil Parsifal line, or any of the other fine styles of watches available at Gideon’s Fine Jewelry, Raymond Weil Watches can be relied upon for providing absolute first rate quality in every aspect. Each Raymond Weil is, in itself, both a work of fine technical craftsmanship and also something of a objet d’art. The precision required to create an unerringly reliably timepiece is from a very different skill-set than what is needed to create gorgeous, artistically designed item of jewelry. It’s a rare combination, and that’s why Gideon’s is proud to be offering these truly fine and beautiful products on its website.

Raymond Weil Watches are available in a wide variety of styles for both men and women. They boast a number of highly advanced features which the outstanding and eager to please staff of Gideon’s Fine Jewelry will be happy to assist you in selecting from among these highly acclaimed products.

For further information on watches by Raymond Weil, Michele, Hamilton, Tissot and numerous other outstanding watchmakers, please call us today at 818-347-3377 or visit our contact page.  Our helpful staff will be only too delighted to help you.