Oris Skeleton

Gideon's Fine Jewelry, a Los Angeles jeweler with decades of service, is proud to be an authorized dealer of Oris watches. Oris is a Swiss brand dedicated to making stunning watches that are purely mechanical, which means they don't need batteries. The company has been making this kind of watch for over 100 years, its products easily spotted through their trademark red rotors. Oris watches also take a lot of influence from the worlds of diving and Formula 1 racing cars, adding sleekness and practicality.

In general, an Oris Artelier Skeleton watch takes its aesthetic cue from showing the inner workings of the watch. Stripped so that the internal gears are visible, Oris Skeleton watches find beauty in the science and math of technology. Because all of the Oris Artelier watches are 100% mechanical, they truly exemplify this minimalist, art deco style. The Oris Skeleton watch is noted for its extra-wide case opening, allowing an almost complete view of its mechanical structure. An Oris Skeleton can be coupled with a comfortable leather strap or a glistening metal bracelet, depending on the customer's preferences.

These watches and many more are all offered at Gideon's Fine Jewelry. Another great watch option is the Oris TT3 model. The TT3 is in Oris' Motor Sport line, which emphasizes safety and comfort. The same materials employed in the crafting of the TT3 watches are also used in Formula 1 cars (including carbon, titanium, and more). For information on pricing call 818-347-3377 or visit Gideon's Fine Jewelry's contact page.