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MontBlanc Watches

Founded over a hundred years ago in Hamburg, Germany, MontBlanc’s rich history is an integral aspect of its output of luxury watches and writing instruments today. All MontBlanc Watches are crafted by hand by master watch makers, a process that takes approximately 300 hours of intense and meticulous work for some models. A simple breath is all it takes to blow away the tiny components and screws off the craftman’s work space, which is why creating a MontBlanc watch requires controlled breathing, an extremely steady hand, as well as an ample amount of skill and patience. The Nicolas Rieussec collection of MontBlanc Watches exhibits style, craftsmanship, and intricate functionality that few other watch companies can provide. Features include numerous complications such as a perpetual calendar and timers, as well as other perks including scratch resistant sapphire crystal cover, chronograph precision, and gold case material.

As an authorized dealer of MontBlanc Watches, every timepiece in our inventory is genuine and backed by Montblanc’s 2 year warranty. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and authentic jewelry items has garnered us a local clientele and accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. We look forward to facilitating your order!

One of the most recognizable brands around the world today is MontBlanc. Much of their merchandise is considered to be unique and one of a kind, which is perhaps reason why they are considered to be a highly sought after option to go in for. You might be surprised to know that MontBlanc Watches are actually one of the better brands out there to go in for. Not only are these guys considered being one of the best, they are also revered for their high quality and attention to detail that they provide for their products. When you compare MontBlanc Watches to the competition, it becomes amply clear as to why this is such a highly sought after make.

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