Montblanc Pens for Sale

Many don't realize that the simple act of writing can be elegant and luxurious with the right pen. Something about gripping a beautifully polished writing instrument and having ink run lightly into the page really transcends the experience. This is why Gideon's Fine Jewelry is honored to be an authorized dealer of Montblanc pens.

Montblanc is a luxury goods manufacturer that specializes in writing instruments and watches since 1908. They're easily recognizable by their White Star logo, which symbolizes the snowcaps of Mont Blanc in the Alps. A Montblanc fountain pen is a true icon in luxury, often designing pens inspired by icons like Princess Grace or John Lennon. Their style is often duplicated, though never replicated, which is why it's incredibly important to that you only order Montblanc pens for sale from an authorized dealer.

Gideon's Fine Jewelry is proud to be an authorized dealer of both Montblanc watches and pens. An authorization by Montblanc means that any product sold at Gideon's Fine Jewelry is covered by Montblanc's international warranty and replacement policies. Furthermore, these Montblanc pens for sale are only available at authorized locations, meaning that you won't get stuck with a counterfeit or refurbished old pen. This is especially important when the pen is a gift, as the recipient could find out the inauthenticity of their present when searching for an ink refill or repair.

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