Michele Watch Strap

With Michele watches, the strap is never an after-thought. A Michele watch strap is both refined and durable, made of the finest exotic animal skins or calfskin. The added bonus of Michele straps is that they are interchangeable for a variety of sophisticated looks. Gideon’s Fine Jewelry provides the customer with an assortment of lovely watch straps and bracelets that will fit and complement her beautiful Michele timepiece.

Michele watch bands are available through Gideon’s Fine Jewelry in a variety of colors and textures. Many of these watches look smart paired with a black or red patent leather Michele watch strap. Gideon’s Fine Jewelry carries Michele alligator straps in a variety of colors, including hot pink, yellow, navy, silver, and more. These straps in their various sizes are compatible with a number of the CSX, Urban, and Deco collections. Our website provides information relevant to each of the Michele straps, including size and a list of the proper watch mates.

For a Michele watch band that epitomizes elegance, peruse Gideon’s Fine Jewelry’s selection of Michele bracelet bands. Our store offers stainless steel bands, gold bands, or a combination gold stainless steel bracelet for your watch. These selections range in price, so there are always affordable options at our Woodland Hills location when you consider purchasing a Michele watch strap.

The original manufacturer’s warranty is available for all of our Michele watches, with the inclusion of an additional free, one-year extended warranty from Gideon’s Fine Jewelry. Our staff is happy to assist you with all of your jewelry needs, whether you are looking to discuss style options or possibly financing your new watch.

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