Michele Watch Deco

Art Deco was a 1920s French movement which became increasingly popular throughout the world during the 30s. Watches from the Michele brand carry various style elements of the period, detailed with numerous fine diamonds. A Michele watch with Deco features is perfect for the chic customer with European affinities and a flare for the dramatic. On a broader level, a Michele Deco Diamond watch is utterly feminine, delighting the most fashion-forward customers. At Gideon’s Fine Jewelry, we notice that those who appreciate classic trends but also keep in step with the latest styles are drawn to Michele watches time and time again. A Michele watch with deco designs from Gideon’s Fine Jewelry is perfect for the customer who searches for timeless elegance in a timepiece.

As an approved watch dealer, Gideon’s Fine Jewelry carries many style variations of the Michele diamond watch. Many Michele watch categories, like Michele Deco Carousel, are colorful but not loudly so. In this line, a Michele watch with Deco elements features brightly colored numbers and a black dial for a look that is fun yet somewhat understated. For an attractive watch with a vintage edge, the customer may consider a Michele Deco Day watch with a rose gold-plated stainless steel bracelet and a brown or white dial. With so many timepieces available from Gideon’s Fine Jewelry, the knowledgeable staff is sure to help each customer locate the ideal Michele watch, be it a Deco style watch, a piece from the classic Caber line, or a watch in the vibrant Michele Tahitian Jelly Bean category.

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