Michele Watch CSX

There are a seemingly endless number of gorgeous watches to choose from in the Michele Watch CSX line available now at Gideon’s Fine Jewelry. The Michele brand is an especially prolific watch-making company, constantly presenting the watch buyer with newly fashioned watches that are intricately designed. Many of the timepieces in the Michele Watch CSX line feature the same aesthetic elements from other categories of Michele watches. For instance, the fun and fanciful Michele Carousel line is known for its deco-style, multi-colored numbers, and a black or white enamel dial. With Michele CSX, the Miami based company borrows the look of the Carousel watches and adds dials that reflect the time, as well as the day of the week. The Michele watch bands are interchangeable on many of these watches, giving the customer the option of choosing a durable leather strap that adds a pop of color to their new Michele watch.

A Michele Watch CSX is similar to the Michele Cloette line, which also features circular watches and incredible details. If the female customer prefers a round faceplate, she should consider Michele watches in both categories. Gideon’s Fine Jewelry offers the original manufacturer’s warranty on these watches, as well as a free one-year extended warranty. The staff at Gideon’s Fine Jewelry stays abreast of the latest designs and the newest lines from Michele and other leading brands. They will help you select the perfect watch to epitomize your individual sense of style.

To peruse the vast selection of watches from Michele, Nixon, Michael Kors, MontBlanc, and more, visit Gideon’s Fine Jewelry. For more information, call us today at 877-992-3377