Michele Urban Watch

The Michele Urban line of watches prides itself on being the "ultimate in retro glamour," according to the brand's official website. The look of the Michele Urban watchis very classic, thought it doesn't sacrifice any of its modern appeal. Most of these timeless pieces are flanked with gorgeous diamonds that add a little shimmer, though there are non-diamond versions of the Michele Urban watch that convey uninhibited sleekness. These Michele Urban cocktail watches tend to have simply colored dials (white enamel, mother of pearl, black enamel, etc.), maximizing their potential for going with any outfit.

Many of the brand's biggest fans love Michele watches because most of them feature an interchangeable strap. All you have to do is make sure the straps you want to swap are of the same width (usually between 12 and 20 mm), and you'll be able to transform your watch's look in an instant. Women in love with a certain dial can dress it up or down, opting for a black patent strap or a gold plated bracelet depending on her mood. Michele Urban watch straps run the gamut from the exotic (like alligator) to the supremely luxurious (gold, platinum, and other metals), so there's most definitely something for any occasion. If you're uncertain if your desired Michele watch features an interchangeable strap, simply ask one of the friendly retailers at Gideon's Fine Jewelry. He or she can also walk you through the process itself.

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