Michele Urban Mini

On the official Michele site, the Urban line is described briefly as "the ultimate in retro glamour." It's apparent why this is so; the dazzling diamonds, whether they be little embellishments in the stainless steel version or fully encircling the bezel, evoke classic beauty. That being said, the look of the Michele Urban collection is still incredibly modern. The slightly rounded shape of the rectangular head feels right off a runway in the way that it crafts a wholly unique and progressive look. Gideon's Fine Jewelry, located in the Warner Center of Los Angeles, is an authorized dealer of Michele watches, including the Urban Mini.

A wonderful subset of this style is the Michele Urban Mini watch, also available at Gideon's Fine Jewelry. Slightly larger than the Coquette, the Michele Urban Mini has an excellent proportion for those women who want a statement piece at just the right size. The 16 mm straps that come with the Michele Urban Mini are perfectly interchangeable with any other strap or bracelet in the same size, which allows the wearer to change their look with ease.

Gideon's Fine Jewelry recommends coming to our store in person to look at the Michele Urban Mini or any other watch in our diverse inventory. It's the best way to not only look at the fantastic details in person but to also see what a timepiece would look like on your wrist. For more information about the Michele line or visiting Gideon's Fine Jewelry, visit our online contact page or call 1-877-992-3377.