Michele Watches Authorized Dealer - Urban Collection

Michele Urban

Retro and vintage styles are high fashion statements that can never go out of style, because of the very nature of the style. But vintage does not go well with all outfits, and is not the best accompaniment for all occasion. The answer to this problem comes in the form of the Michele Urban watch, which is a delightful mixture of retro inspired design with a contemporary touch. This unique combination makes all watches in the Michele Urban collection very sought after. At Gideon’s Fine Jewelry, all lines of Michele watches are available along with the two year warranty that they carry.

The Urban collection has three lines called Classic, Mini, and Park. A Michele Mini Urban has a retro design which is fused with contemporary style elements. The barrel shaped dial encrusted with shining details in diamonds makes it truly a beautiful piece to cherish. The dials can be enamel, plain and detailed with texturing. Every single Michele Urban in the mini collection is unique in its own way and crafted with immaculate detailing. The chain straps range from three-tone to shining silver or just gold. The genuine leather straps are available in many colors. All watches in the collection can accommodate interchangeable straps, which makes every time piece very versatile.

The Michele Park style is glamour at its best. Reflecting retro glory, the long enamel dials of the watches encrusted with diamonds on the bezel give it unique beauty and sophistication. Every watch in this collection can have interchangeable straps or chain links, but the spares must be bought at genuine dealers. The Michele Urban straps available at Gideon’s Fine Jewelry are all genuine since they are authorized to carry Michele spares in all the flagship designs. Timeless as it is, the Michele Urban collection is sure to catch every eye and adorn the individual with elegance.

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