Michele Tahitian Watches Reflect Timeless Art Deco Elements

The design team at Michele watches creates the most beautifully-designs for the highly fashionable. Those familiar with the Michele brand know that some of the most eye-catching designs feature diamond-encrusted bezels and other diamond details. Stylistically, the watchmaker blends elegant, delicate accents with classic art deco attributes. Michele, now based in Dallas, Texas, originally started in Miami, a city known for its Art Deco District. For the Michele Tahitian collection available at Gideon’s Fine Jewelry, the watchmakers have fashioned a series of timepieces that reflect this retro art scene and the leisurely vibe that is characteristic of South Beach.

High-end clothing and accessory designers have successfully blended art deco elements into their creations for decades; Michele Tahitian Jelly Bean watches serve as the finest example. In the 30s and 40s - the earliest art deco years - artists often used gold, beige, and cream as base colors in their artwork. This is reflected in the rose gold casing and dials of certain Tahitian Jelly Bean watches available at Gideon’s Fine Jewelry. The watchmakers spice up these pieces with playful features, like tiger striped and cheetah spotted-dials. The customer may select a timepiece with a colorful strap, just as colors like brown and gold come together with brighter colors in contemporary art deco paintings. Michele Tahitian Jelly Bean watches stand alongside the greatest art deco pieces while bearing a personal significance for each watch-owner.

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