Michele Tahitian Jelly

Gideon's Fine Jewelry is proud to be an authorized dealer of Michele brand watches. This is because Michele watches are truly worldly. They effortlessly combine the flair of Miami and the quality of a Swiss made watch with exotic materials from around the globe. Nowhere is this more apparent than in a Michele Tahitian Jelly Bean timepiece. Dubbed on the Michele website as "A Taste Of Playful Luxury," these watches are exuberant and classy, a great addition to any woman's collection.

The Michele Tahitian Jelly Bean collection comes in a massive range of bright colors and dials. From the standard black, white, and grays with stunning gold and silver accents to the bright pieces (in colors like pink, sea green, lavender, yellow, and many more) that give the Michele Tahitian Jelly Bean its namesake, this line of watches fits any woman's tastes. Perhaps you want your lovely Tahitian Jelly Bean Carousel dial to stand out on a pure white band or perhaps you'd like your blue bezel to pop against another band color—the choice is yours! Michele's collections of watches have been featured in top magazines like People, Elle, In Style, and International Watch. The team at Gideon's Fine Jewelry, based in Los Angeles, can show you how to dazzle onlookers with their staggering selection of watches. You'll quickly fall in love with the Michele Tahitian Jelly Bean look; you may leave our store with more than one!

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