Michele Mini Watch

Gideon's Fine Jewelry, in Los Angeles, is honored to be an authorized dealer of Michele watches and happily carries many of its styles. One of the most popular varieties from the Michele collection is their Mini watches. The Michele Mini usually refers to the size of the interchangeable strap that comes with the watch's head; it is 16 mm wide, as opposed to the standard size (18 mm), Coquette (12 mm), and the XL (20 mm). Traditionally, the Michele Mini watch is paired with two of the most popular styles available from Michele: the Deco and the Urban lines.

The Michele Deco collection features a beautiful rectangular bezel that references the very best of the art movement that gives it its namesake. Art Deco, after all, is known for combining attributes from modern technology with cutting-edge fashion and the Deco Michele Mini watch is no different. It's got a stunning rectangular shape with many diamond embellishments and truly has to be seen to be believed. In fact, Gideon's Fine Jewelry recommends seeing their watches in person in order to truly understand their fascinating appeal. The Michele Urban Mini similarly echoes the trends of the collection as a whole. This Michele Mini watch has a rounded rectangular shape and can fit the same straps that are paired with the Mini Deco. This allows for a Michele collector to truly maximize her options for fashionable timepieces.

Gideon's Fine Jewelry, as an authorized dealer, offers the Michele Mini watch with the manufacturer's excellent international warranty and backs it up with a bonus one of its own. The store is capable of handling any repair or maintenance issue and looks forward to hearing from you. Call Gideon's Fine Jewelry at 1-877-992-3377 or contact us online.