Michele Mini Deco

They broke the mold when they designed the Michele Mini Deco watch. The competition is steep, but this certainly ranks as one of the crown jewels in the crown of the Michele watches line. Indeed, when the Michele Mini Deco first made its debut, it exceeded even the loftiest expectations for both functionality and style. Critics raved at its fine balance between ornate design and simple beauty, putting it on par with such popular choices as the Michele Jetway and Michele CSX Diamond.


What is it about the Michele Mini Deco that so completely captures the imagination of even the most venerable luxury watch aficionados? Is it the model’s exquisite craftsmanship? Is it the obvious labor of love that went into every minute detail of its design? Is it the stunning way in which this company has managed to keep one-upping itself over the years, churning out one breathtaking piece after another? It is all these things, and more.


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