Michele Deco Day

Once introduced to the luxury of Michele watches, most women declare it to be their favorite brand. There's something so classic about the look of these watches that customers appreciate, knowing that any Michele watch will match easily with their wardrobe for years to come. Plus, most Michele brand watches have interchangeable straps, letting anyone dress up or brighten any case they own. Gideon's Fine Jewelry in Los Angeles is an authorized dealer of a plethora of Michele and other luxury brand goods. This means Gideon's Fine Jewelry offers an authentic, unique product officially recognized by the manufacturer and its warranties.

One special item at Gideon's Fine Jewelry is the Michele Deco Day watch. The Michele Deco Day line of watches is one of Michele's most timeless collections. The range takes its influence from the creative geometry inspired by Art Deco architecture. Most especially, the Michele Deco faces are rectangular in the vein of the early 20th Century. Other details, like subdials and diamond embellishments on some heads, add a decorative effect that is a nice structural nod to the Deco aesthetic. A trip to Gideon's Fine Jewelry is the best way to fully realize Michele Deco Day Chronograph around your wrist. You'll get competent, caring personal attention to perfectly match your style with the appropriate Michele Deco Day piece. A watch from the Michele Deco line is bound to get compliments, especially from those with an eye for distinguished magnificence.

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