Michele CSX Carousel Watch

The CSX is essentially the signature line of Michele watches. The company's first collection was the CSX Diamond and it has carried the brand to where it is today. Now Michele proudly merges the CSX modern classic with the exuberance of its Carousel style. Gideon's Fine Jewelry has the Michele CSX Carousel watch and many more in its Los Angeles store. It's one of few authorized dealers of Michele in the region and, as such, is an excellent resource for checking out fine, luxury watches.

The Michele CSX Carousel has a brightly colored dial that boldly displays the time with oversized numerical digits. The bezel of the Michele CSX Carousel watch comes in stainless steel, diamond-studded, and multi-colored topaz-studded. As if its gorgeous face wasn’t enough, the Michele CSX Carousel watch has an interchangeable strap. This means the wearer can mix and match her collection of Michele straps and bracelets (most Michele CSX Carousel straps in the Gideon's Fine Jewelry store are 18 mm), which brings new energy to the watch every time it is worn. A friendly representative at Gideon's Fine Jewelry can happily show you how easy it is to swap out a Michele strap and he or she can also point you to other bands for sale that will compliment your Michele Carousel watch dial.

Gideon's Fine Jewelry also has an excellent repair center with a great reputation in the industry. Feel free to bring in any product that needs maintenance, even if it wasn't purchased here (however, the team at Gideon's Fine Jewelry has faith in its products, which is why most come with a warranty). For more details, please call 1-877-992-3377 or visit Gideon's Fine Jewelry's contact page.