Michele Carousel Watch

Michele watches were first created by a couple who carried on their family's tradition by making children's watches for their daughter. The watches they made got a lot of attention because they were vibrant, youthful, and fun. Soon, the Michele Watch company was started and they've been designing cutting edge timepiece fashions ever since.

The Michele Carousel continues the brand's heritage of bright, energetic looks. Its multicolored numbers are the trademark of the Michele Carousel watch. This design adds verve and excitement to any strap or bracelet (many of Michele's watches come with an interchangeable strap feature) that the wearer pairs it with. In many shapes, including the signature Carousel round, the architectural Deco rectangle, or overemphasized in the CSX Grand style, these numbers are unmistakably Michele.

Furthermore, Michele doesn't overdesign these watches; instead, the company understands the simple art of contrast. By using a simple white or black enamel dial, they allow the numbers to truly shine and tell the whole story. The Michele Carousel watch's dial looks great with any strap or bracelet it is paired with. From an understated black patent strap to a shimmering stainless steel bracelet, the Michele Carousel watch evokes the fun inherent in its namesake.

Gideon's Fine Jewelry, located in Los Angeles, is an authorized dealer of the Michele brand and carries the Michele Carousel watch in many beautiful varieties. As an authorized dealer, the company's watches are authentic, unique, and covered by Michele's international warranty. Plus, Gideon's Fine Jewelry offers its own in-house warranty on certain items; simply ask to see if your purchase is covered. Gideon's Fine Jewelry can be reached by phone at 1-877-992-3377 or through an online contact page.