Michele caber park watch


Michele Caber Park Watch

Whether you have a posh evening party to go to or a small get-together with friends, the Michele caber park watch makes the perfect accessory. There’s a reason watches have long been regarded as a powerful accessory, whether as style statement or purely for utility. The Michele brand has consistently produced some of the most well respected timepieces, and the Michele caber park watch is a welcome addition to the flawless Michele legacy. This watch makes a fashion statement that takes into consideration a modern aesthetic, while also being uniquely classic. The shape of the watch, its time telling precision and its embellishments make it a must-have.

Featuring a stainless steel strap and a mother of pearl dial, it may go without saying that the Michele caber park watch is very pleasing to the eye. In addition, the watch has a diamond bezel, sapphire crystal, swizz quartz movement, crown logo and more. Water resistance makes it even more durable. The good news is you can get this watch, as well as countless other luxury watches and exclusive writing instruments at family owned and operated Gideon’s Jewelry in Woodland Hills.

If you do decide to purchase a Michele caber park watch from Gideon’s, don’t be surprised when people go out of their way to compliment it. The high quality and timelessness of the Michele caber park watch makes it a great gift, as well as prized timepiece that can be passed down for generations.