High End Luxury Watches and Treasure Rings at Gideon Fine Jewelry

Any style conscious individual will agree that the personal fashion statement represented by high end watches can hardly be matched. At Gideon’s Fine Jewelry, you will find a spectacular collection of high class luxury watches that also include products from globally renowned high class watch manufacturing brands like Michele. For individuals with a taste for elegant gemstone encrusted time pieces, Michele watches are always the preferred brand, thanks to their stylish watches that add a different dimension to the aesthetics of your personal style.

If you consider your watch as nothing more than a device to tell time, you are missing out on an essential element of personal style. At Gideon’s Fine Jewelry, an extraordinary collection of Michele watches is available – and always at competitive prices. As an authorized retailer of Michele, Gideon’s Fine Jewelry is preferred by their customers to always bring the best. Along with Michele, products from other internationally famed luxury brands like Hamilton or Montblanc are also available.

Apart from luxury watches, Gideon’s Fine Jewelry also has an outstanding collection of Takohl treasure rings. These rings normally look much like an ordinary ring, but they have hidden depth that allow for a very personal message for the recipient. These treasure rings can also contain a gemstone, but both the message and the gemstone is visible only after the latch is lifted. As one of the finest luxury jewelry retailers, our company has an astonishing collection of Takohl treasure rings along with high end watches and luxury pens.