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Hidalgo Rings

Many celebrities have been seen wearing stackable Hidalgo rings, including Lindsay Lohan, Mandy Moore, Miley Cyrus, and more. This appeal doesn't just stop at young Hollywood; women of all ages in Southern California are seeking out Hidalgo. Why are so many Los Angeles customers seeking out Hidalgo jewelry? Well, Hidalgo's commitment to stunning, high-quality pieces is just a start. They only use 18 karat white and yellow gold in the construction of all their rings. Hidalgo rings can then be mixed with platinum or covered with incredibly durable Italian enamel (in a variety of colors). Precious stones and diamonds are also added to make unique and eye-catching shapes. Plus, Hidalgo has won countless awards, including 8 from the 2012 Jewelers Choice Awards.

Furthermore, Hidalgo is known as "the King of Stackable Rings." Hidalgo stackable rings are fun, customizable ways to showcase your unique fashion. If you're feeling playful, then there are Hidalgo rings that come in shapes like skulls, cats, and peace signs.

Perhaps a more abstract or geometric shape suits your fancy; those are available, too. Because they're stackable, you can even combine the two looks! White gold and yellow gold only enhance each other's shine, so don't worry about mixing and matching them. If there's a special lady in your life who is a Hidalgo fan, then check out Hidalgo engagement rings. Fully compatible with other stackable rings, these gorgeous rings have won many Best Bridal Design awards and would look even better on your lady's finger.
Only approved retailers like Gideon's Fine Jewelry in Los Angeles are authorized to carry Hidalgo. So, check out their selection at www.gideonsjewelry.com and give them a call at 818-347-3377 for your Hidalgo products today.