Good Service is Forever

Gideon’s Fine Jewelry is dedicated to the idea that, when a customer purchases a product, it’s not the end of our relationship with them, it’s the beginning. For example, someone who takes the time to purchase one of our outstanding assortments of Raymond Weil watches deserves more than a quick “thank you.” He or she deserves a retailer that will continue to stand behind its products and will provide new opportunities to purchase outstanding new products in the coming years.

Offering such outstanding offerings as gorgeous Michele watches for women is about more than simply offering an item for sale, it’s about providing customers with an opportunity to purchase a product that will make a difference in their lives. The service aspect of what we do at Gideon’s Fine Jewelry has to do with guiding customers to the right product or dealing with any issues that may arise before, during, or after the purchase.

That’s important, because the kind of products people buy at Gideon’s are very often used for a lifetime and beyond. Certain, products like Scott Kay engagement rings may not only be worn every day of a person’s life, they may be handed down to successive family members over generations. Understanding the potential importance of every purchase is a key aspect of the kind of first-rate customer service that makes Gideon’s Fine Jewelry so special.

Our store is located in Woodland Hills, California in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, and is recognized as one of the finest stores for fine jewelry in all of greater Los Angeles. Customers can also reach us by phone or e-mail.