Gideon's Fine Jewelry Proudly Carries Innovative Benchmark Rings

Benchmark jewelry has been crafting innovative, luxurious, and high class wedding rings since forming well over 40 years ago. Gideon's Fine Jewelry, always keeping its stock full of the most creative and gorgeous wares in the industry, proudly carries Benchmark as one of its flagship wedding ring collections. Located in Woodland Hills, Gideon's Fine Jewelry believes that Benchmark wedding bands must truly be seen in person to be appreciated.

What the team here at Gideon's Fine Jewelry appreciates about Benchmark rings is that they are designed with care and function in mind. Many of the classic styles crafted by Benchmark are truly innovative in their craftsmanship. Take a look at their classic bands, for example. Making a simple tweak to craft their comfort-fit wedding bands, Benchmark creates a rounded interior to the ring that improves the overall wearing experience.

Similarly, Benchmark's diamond ring collections are just as ground-breaking as their traditional bands. For example, Benchmark makes use of precision settings in its shared prong diamond bands. This means that more of the diamond (when compared to other settings) is visible and is set incredibly securely. The team at Gideon's Fine Jewelry also appreciates that Benchmark performs 5 quality inspections before introducing any of their products to the market.

So, come to Woodland Hills and see all of the excellent Benchmark designs available at Gideon's Fine Jewelry, from their carved and classic bands to their unique alternative metal and diamond rings. Contact us online with any questions about any of the products seen on our website.