Gideon's Fine Jewelry is an Authorized Benchmark Jewelry Retailer

Benchmark jewelry is recognized worldwide for its beautiful wedding bands that merge innovative designs with first-class materials. The company only works as a designer and manufacturer, however, and only entrusts a few business around the country to serve as qualified retailers. Gideon's Fine Jewelry, located in Woodland Hills, is proud to be officially recognized by Benchmark as an authorized retailer of Benchmark wedding bands.

What qualifies Gideon's Fine Jewelry to serve as an authorized retailer of Benchmark products? According to the Benchmark site, a qualified business can sell their products only if they purchase Benchmark wedding bands directly from the company. Gideon's Fine Jewelry can easily validate this in their store; in every Benchmark ring, there is a unique inscription that proves its authenticity. Furthermore, Benchmark provides a lifetime guarantee for its products and you'll benefit from this warranty after purchasing a gorgeous Benchmark creation from Gideon's Fine Jewelry.

Secondly, Benchmark also states that, to qualify as a Benchmark retailer, the store must have a "good representation of our products," something that the team here at Gideon's Fine Jewelry proudly does. We happily showcase our Benchmark rings alongside a wide range of luxury goods, standing behind Benchmark rings as fantastic choices for wedding bands. The other wedding ring brands that Gideon's Fine Jewelry is authorized by include James Kurk, Scott Kay, and Christian Bauer, as well as gorgeous in-house creations. Contact us with any questions you may have about any of our products. We hope you can make it to the Gideon's Fine Jewelry store in person to truly experience Benchmark rings!