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Christian Bauer Wedding Bands

Christian Bauer wedding bands are innovating the way Americans think about wedding rings. Christian Bauer is a German company established back in 1880 and is bringing new combinations of its precious metals to their two-tone style rings. Their many kinds of gold, platinum, and palladium are all crafted in house from a unique recipe, so you know they're special. Yet, what's great about these two-tone Christian Bauer wedding rings is that they are joining those materials in compelling new combinations.
Some two-tone Christian Bauer rings intersect white and yellow gold on diagonal lines, giving future grooms and brides the sensation of having both colors at once. A diamond can join the gold at their merge, further heightening the luxury of it. Other Christian Bauer wedding bands split the two tones on a horizontal axis, allowing the yellow gold to beautifully complement the white gold, platinum, or palladium depending on your preferences. There are many more interesting mixtures (with wave patterns and alternating colors) that you are free to explore and imagine around your own finger.
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