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Christian Bauer Rings

The fir tree is the symbol for wedding ring manufacturer Christian Bauer. In many ways, the fir tree shares many qualities with Christian Bauer rings. They both are strong and beautiful. Fir trees and Christian Bauer rings are both stooped in tradition; the fir being commonly associated with Christmas and the rings having been fabricated for over 130 years. Finally, they're both seen all over the world as symbols of elegance and purity.
Christian Bauer wedding rings only use the best materials in the construction of their light color bands, whether it be the gold, platinum, or palladium for the band itself or the diamonds which are encrusted in it. Platinum is an incredibly durable metal that holds its shape and its diamonds securely. It's also naturally a beautiful white color that echoes a new tradition in romance. Another precious metal used in Christian Bauer rings is white gold. Gold is an incredibly luxurious, shiny metal that works well on its own or in conjunction with platinum. Palladium is an incredibly white metal that doesn't require plating. It's becoming an exceedingly popular wedding band choice, as it is very light and tends to oscillate prices with platinum. Finally, Christian Bauer wedding bands are only inset with fine white diamonds with a high clarity. They're inspected at every phase to maintain the quality of the Christian Bauer brand.
These rings are only available from certified retailers. Gideon's Fine Jewelry in Los Angeles has this authorization, as well as friendly, experienced service that keeps their clientele coming back. Check out their selection of Christian Bauer jewelry in Woodland Hills, by calling at 818-347-3377, or at