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Christian Bauer Wedding Rings

Are you looking for contemporary wedding bands that will get you attention? Are you also looking for a ring that is steeped in tradition? If you are contemplating these two questions, then you should consider Christian Bauer wedding rings from Gideon's Fine Jewelry, an authorized dealer. Christian Bauer was formed in 1880 and believes strongly in maintaining their proud history. This means that their designs, though innovative and on-trend, will never skew too radical and will retain their timelessness and ethereal beauty.
Contemporary Christian Bauer wedding bands merge their high-quality materials with inventive styles. White gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, and palladium are mixed and arranged to create transcendent symbols of beauty and love. Some Christian Bauer wedding rings are uniquely joined by a diamond, with eye-pleasing and modern spaces in the ring that have onlookers gazing with jealousy. Except for those cases, many contemporary Christian Bauer rings can come with or without diamonds, in case diamonds don't quite meet your personal taste.
Christian Bauer is a unique jewelry company in that they only use their own recipes for its alloy compositions. Everything is made in-house, which means that Christian Bauer wedding rings are unlike any other company's bands. This is just one small aspect of Christian Bauer's scrutinous production process, which also includes manual inspection and setting of any diamonds used.
Gideon's Fine Jewelry also offers other Christian Bauer wedding rings styles. Most popular are the two tone and wave pattern rings, but it truly comes down to you and your future partner's preferences. Call them at 818-347-3377 to schedule a ring viewing or peruse their massive inventory at