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Avoid Risk and Hassle - Buy From an Authorized Dealer

Please read the following information carefully:

Risks of buying from Unauthorized Dealers - Many unauthorized sellers scratch off the serial number on the products in order to prevent manufacturers from determining their source of supply. Some unauthorized sellers claim their products come with serial number, however they may tamper (change) the serial number. Please note: a brand item without a serial number is not considered original and will not be covered or serviced by the manufacturer.  Many of brand items sold through unauthorized sellers are used, refurbished, shopworn, and in some instances stolen. In many occasions unauthorized dealers sell products which contain a replica (fake) movement or an after-market part. In such cases the brand item is invaluable and the manufactory will not cover any services.

Origin of The Products  - Unauthorized sellers usually have multiple sources of supply, and are not willing to disclose their merchandise source. Some claim that  they buy their products in quantity from authorized dealers, but in fact authorized dealers are NOT allowed to sell the brand products to resellers and if they do so, they will loose the privilege of being an authorized dealer! In reality the origin of the products sold through unauthorized sellers is unknown.   It's always important to know the history of the product before purchasing, and by law consumers are entitled to know the origin of the product they are buying. Only the authorized retailers may offer the range of brand watches and can guarantee the origin and authenticity of your product.

Valid Warranty - Manufacturers will not provide warranty service on items purchased through unauthorized dealers. In order to sell you, these dealers offer their own in-house warranty service by having you send your products back to them instead of the manufacturer. Please keep in mind that they do not have factory certified technicians, and any parts they use in the repair process may be inferior to original manufacturer parts. Finally, if the unauthorized dealer goes out of business during the in-house warranty period, you have no way of getting any kind of service at all. Only the authorized retailers offer the full international manufacturer warranty.

How To Distinguish Authorized From Unauthorized Websites:

  • If the website is listing retail prices with the discounted prices, it is NOT a legitimate authorized dealer. (Brands do Not allow their authorized dealers to list prices on the internet)
  • All authorized dealers are listed on the official brand website.

Guaranteed Genuine Products - Great brands products are often copied resulting in cheap imitations of lesser quality. These inferior products can be indistinguishable in appearance. Buying from an authorized dealer is the only way to be 100% sure you are receiving the genuine item.

You may read more about the distribution of brand products on their official brand website.

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