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Benchmark Wedding Bands

An increasingly popular choice for men, Benchmark wedding bands stand by their claim that they are "engineered for perfection". Always stamped with pride, Benchmark jewelry uses innovative technology to combine perfect craftsmanship with deliberate design. Lauded for their comfort, these bands are only exclusively sold through authorized retailers. For those in the Los Angeles area (and for anybody with an internet connection), Gideon's Fine Jewelry is an authorized dealer of the Benchmark brand.
Gideon's Fine Jewelry carries three different types of alternative metal Benchmark rings: Titanium, Seranite, and Tungsten. Titanium is known for its lightness and is one of the most hypoallergenic choices around. It's quickly becoming the most popular alternative to silver and gold wedding bands. On the other hand, Seranite is equally light but more durable and scratch-resistant. The black, ceramic-based material adds a bold, masculine touch to the line of Benchmark wedding bands. Lastly, the Tungsten Benchmark ring is made with a special formula that makes it one of the least brittle rings on the market. According to the Benchmark website, the "only thing stronger than Tungsten is an actual diamond."
If the contemporary metal line is not for you, then check out Gideon Fine Jewelry's selection of precious metal Benchmark wedding bands. In a broad array of styles and metals (including gold, palladium, and platinum), these rings can skew traditional or contemporary, depending on your tastes. From beautiful interval diamond to patterned carved, Benchmark wedding bands are stylish and unique pieces that will be proudly showed off.
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