A Time for Giving

Coming up with just the right gift for a friend, significant other, family member, important coworker or client, or anyone else, is nearly always a challenge. Gideon’s Fine Jewelry would like to suggest one of the most tried and true of all high end gifts: a gorgeous designer watch. Whether it’s Oris, Tutima, Raymond Weil, or Michele watches, these are outstanding gifts for men and women of all ages.

Indeed, while some might think that watches are less relevant in this in the era of cell phones and other portable devices, the fact is that traditional timepieces are a far more elegant and efficient means of telling the time. If, for example, a busy business woman needs to know the time, she might have to fish through her purse or her pocket to find her smart phone, then push a button or two on it before the time comes up. On the other hand, if you’ve recently given her the gift of a gorgeous Michele watch, she can find out the time with literally the flip of a wrist and look more beautiful than ever while doing so.

Watches are not the only example of older technology that can be made beautiful. Some might believe the fountain pen – or any pen at all – is a thing of the past, but Montblanc pens has been making beautiful writing instruments for years. It’s one thing to write a note to someone special using a ball point you bought at a chain drug store, it’s quite another to write “I love you” with a beautiful Princess Grace De Monaco pen you bought from Gideon’s Fine Jewelry.

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