A Michele Deco Watch from Gideon's Fine Jewelry Offers Classic Style

At Gideon’s Find Jewelry, our customers have come to expect the best for over 27 years. Due to our outstanding service and exceptional inventory of dazzling jewelry, including designer watches, our customers know that at Gideon’s, they can expect the best. Of course, when it comes to the best watches, you can always expect to find Michele watches.

With the Art-Deco motif that was so prevalent at the time, the 1920s in the U.S. is widely regarded as one of the most glamorous eras in history. With the Michele deco watch collection from Gideon’s Fine Jewelry, you can recapture this exquisite movement, with its clean lines and rigid aesthetic, conveying modern elegance and time-tested expressions of structural beauty.

Our Michele deco watch collection includes the Michele Deco day, featuring a mother-of-pearl dial and a mineral crystal. This watch is decorated with flawless ideal cut natural diamonds on its face, allowing the wearer to command the attention of anyone they come across. While some of our deco watches come with a strong leather band, some even feature a two tone stainless steel bracelet, offering the perfect mix of art-deco glamor and reliable, top-grade time-keeping.

With every Gideon’s piece, you can expect first-rate customer service, including features like free shipping on items in stock and live on-line support. If you’re looking for the finest, most reliable timepieces and jewelry, contact Gideon’s Fine Jewelry today at your website or by visiting our store in the heart of the Warner Center in Woodland Hills.